Google Earth (Release 4 Beta) now available for download

Google have released a new beta of Google Earth, featuring a host of great new features including:

  • Improved, user-friendly UI.
  • 3D buildings can now feature textures.
  • Linux support (nice one Google!).
  • French, Italian, German, and Spanish versions now available for download.
  • Better GPS support (Google Earth Plus only).
  • More realistic peaks and valleys.

The addition of textures to 3D buildings adds a great deal of realism to Google Earth:

A Google Earth Scene with no textures

Non textured image from Google Earth

A Google Earth scene with textured buildings

Textured image from Google Earth

Google are encouraging users to create and submit textured buildings created in Google Sketchup, which is a clever way of promoting another application from their stable of downloadable applications.

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