Finally got around to giving ChatGPT a spin, and it’s hard not to be impressed. When tasked with responding to the question “Tell me a story about a bear that likes BDSM” – the AI delivered in spades.

Once upon a time, there was a bear named Stephen who had an unusual hobby: BDSM. One day, Stephen decided to find someone to share his hobby with. He had heard of a BDSM club in a nearby town, and decided to go and check it out. When he arrived, he was shocked to find that everyone was dressed in leather and latex and was participating in all sorts of activities. Stephen was fascinated, but he was also a bit intimidated. He wasn’t sure if he could fit in with the other members. But then he saw a woman in the corner wearing a bear mask. It was like a sign from the universe. The woman noticed his gaze and waved him over. It turned out that the woman was also a bear, and she had been a member of the club for many years. She welcomed Stephen and introduced him to the other members. Everyone was very friendly, and before long, Stephen was trying out different activities and learning the ropes. He soon became a regular at the club and made lots of friends who shared his interest in BDSM. He even found a partner who he enjoyed playing with. Stephen was living his best life. He was learning new things and having fun.

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