the-milkmaid-on-quirky.jpg The Milkmaid is a smart milk jug, with an associated iPhone app that allow you to monitor the milk’s pH-level, temperature and volume. As clever as it is unnecessary.

sly-stone-caravan-trailer-homeless.jpg It breaks my heart to hear that the legendary Sylvester Stewart, better known as Sly Stone , is living out of a caravan in Los Angeles . Sly – in the unlikely event that you read this – my spare room is yours any time, in the unlikely event that you fancy Eltham in south east London in preference to LA.

sly-stone-i'm-back-family-and-friends.jpg After a 30-year recording hiatus, Sly Stone’s much-anticipated new album really couldn’t be more disappointing. … Family and Friends is an embarrassing re-hash of classic songs that it is sacrilegious to rerecord.

chic.jpg I can’t stop listening to Chic , whether it’s their own material or the sublime offerings produced by The Chic Organization. Good Times indeed, for all The Family !

samba.jpg Bossa Nova – a compilation of the best bossa nova record sleeves (well, the best according to Giles Peterson and Stuart Baker). If there’s any justice in this world, Marcos Valle’s Provisao do Tempo will feature prominently.