Man has thumbs surgically altered to use his iPhone

Gadgets: ever diminishing, ever evolving. Phones have gone from being 10kg beasts as used by Colonel Decker in the A-Team to waif-like slivers of metal and plastic that are invisible to the naked eye (well…. give it time).

This technological shrinkage is appealing to most people, but American Thomas Martel, frustrated by his oversized thumbs, has resorted to radical surgery to enable him to use his iPhone more effectively. The procedure involved shaving down the bones of each thumb, combined with muscular alteration and fingernail modification. Mr. Martel now has tiny, effeminate thumbs compared to his gorilla hands, but hey, he can write text messages a little quicker!

“We’re turning plastic surgery from something that people use in service of vanity, to a real tool for improving workplace efficiency” reasons Dr. Robert Fox Spars, renowned Frankenstein surgeon and all-round mad man.
Read more at Denver News.


This is a random thumb from Flickr, not Martel’s!

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