Life is full of bad ideas that should never see the light of day. Unfortunately, 3D Mailbox, the self-proclaimed “world’s coolest email program” has pooped its head out from the sphincter of the idea fairy.

The idea is so implausible it sounds like an April fools gag:

Think of 3D Mailbox as email meets videogame. It’s e-mail for the visual generation. 3D Mailbox turns your emails into people: beautiful models represent good email, and goofy Sumo guys represent spam. Chill with your email poolside and in private cabanas, and feed your spam to the sharks! The beautiful locales and Brazilian background music make you feel like you’re on vacation any time of the day.

Right… so each of my emails is represented as a person, and I can “chill” with them poolside?


I can then arrange them into cabanas (mailboxes):


If the bouncer (spam filter) can’t decide if a person (email) is legit, they’re forced to skate around naked at the ice rink:


Genuis!!! To think I’ve been wasting all these years using Entourage.

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