Adobe’s Mike Chambers has released more information on his blog about the forthcoming alpha release of Apollo.

Now, call me sceptical, but I’m finding it very hard to be enthused about Apollo. A downloadable runtime that allows programmers to leverage existing skills to develop RIAs sounds jolly exciting on paper, but, in reality, I expect this product to be another white elephant like Generator or Flex*.

* What??!! You don’t agree that Flex is a dud? Just look at Adobe’s Site of the Day entries for Flex. The Monfort College of Business Virtual Tour is particularly bad, embodying everything that is irritating about the web. If Flex doesn’t go the way of Generator within two years I’ll eat my hat: a bold statement, given that my headgear of choice happens to be a 4ft wide sombrero made of lead.


Seems I’m not the only one with reservations.

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