David Greiner has written an interesting article on HTML email for Vitamin.

As a co-founder of Campaign Monitor, there’s little doubt that David knows a thing or two about HTML email. The article contains invaluable information on email clients, image usage and general advice on message content and structure. (Note the lack of discussion on multipart email – Campaign Monitor appear to strongly favour HTML-only messages, which are a big no-no in my book). However, I’m not convinced by his suggestion that CSS is a viable option when creating HTML emails. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a real advocate of standards and accessibility, but the same rules don’t apply to HTML email.

Tables are the lowest common denominator – they’ll work pretty much anywhere. CSS HTML emails are sure to be the answer in the future, when consumers and businesses alike have migrated to newer email clients, but for the time being, use tables if you want your email to email campaign to be a success.

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