Essential Firefox extensions that will make your life better

I’ve been a huge fan of Firefox since the beginning of 2005. I was sceptical initially: after all, Internet Explorer is perfectly adequate, and, as it is still the dominant browser from a market share perspective, there’s value in experiencing the web as the typical person does. However, the impressive core feature-set and burgeoning list of extensions for Firefox won me over.

I’d be lost without the following Mozilla add-ons, each of which has proved invaluable from either a productivity of development perspective:

Furl Tools – access all the key functionality of Furl from a single browser button. Firefox extension – add a webpage to your bookmarks with a single click.

Foxylicious – a Firefox extension that integrates your bookmarks into your browser bookmarks.

FlashGot – the definitive download manager for Firefox.

Clear Cache Button – adds a button to the toolbar to clear the browser cache. An incredibly useful tool for web development!

Tab Mix Plus – take control of and customise your Firefox tabs; ressurect closed tabs and browser sessions.

ColorZilla – advanced eyedropper, colour picker, page zoomer and measurement tools.

LinkChecker – check the validity of links on any web page.

HTML Validator – a page validator based on the W3C’s Tidy which shows the number of page errors in the status bar when browsing.

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