benetton-palestine-israel.jpg Benetton’s campaign for the UNHATE Foundation presses all the right non-nuclear buttons, even if it is unoriginal . It’s a shame that they withdrew the picture of the Nazi Pope’s inter-faith love-in , but they’ve yet to drop the picture that puts further pressure on Israel to bring an end to apartheid .

lowry-football-match.jpg I spent countless hours of my childhood pushing unwanted vegetables around a plate in the school canteen . … One of my favourites, ‘The Football Match’, has achieved over £5million at Christies .

untitled1.jpg My daughter’s first painting, Untitled #1, is a sophisticated exploration of colour, with bold, confident brushwork and clever use of negative space. Or something like that…

livenow.jpg Eric Smith’s perspective on life changed upon being diagnosed with cancer, leading to the Live Now Project : “Before cancer I was like most folks, just cruising along. It was during my treatment, when I started to discover what cancer could gift to me – the ability to absorb every moment as if each one were my whole life.