I’ve just installed Oracle Database 10g Express Edition to a dev server running Fedora Core, following the detailed instructions supplied by Oracle. The instructions seem very clear: download and install the rpm (oracle-xe-, run a config script, add environment variables to the path. So far, so good.

What the instructions fail to tell you is that the password stipulated during install is completely ignored. So, if you attempt to login to APEX using the username “SYSTEM” and the password you input during install, you’ll be greeted by a cheery “Invalid Login Credentials” message. Cheers Oracle!

To fix this, open a terminal window as user oracle (or any other user with the correct privileges), then login to sqlplus:

sqlplus / as sysdba

Once you’re logged in, change the password for the SYSTEM account:


If successful, you should see the response:

User altered.

Exit sqlplus and you’re done.

Oracle, if you’re reading this, feel free to fix the installer when it’s convenient…

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