As a dedicated fan of the humble egg, imagine the shock and disappointment I experienced on learning that the Egg Information Service has had its plans to show re-runs of its 1950s TV commercials scuppered by the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre.

The BACC argues that the advice imparted within the adverts to “go to work on an egg” is at odds with today’s clamourings for a varied diet.

Of course, we all intuitively know that this is a load of stuff and nonsense. As the Food Standard Agency has recently admitted “there are no restrictions on the number of eggs people can eat” (although I have to admit, even as a strong egg advocate, I am forced to concede that the human body may eventually self-impose some such restriction).

As for me, I’ve been enjoying a diet rich in eggs for some considerable time now, and I’m delighted to report an insignificant number of side-effects.

So people, I emplore you: make up your own minds as to what constitutes a safe level of egg use and enjoy the gift of the hen fruit to the fullest!

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