I recently found myself unable to resist the appeal of a next-generation gaming console. Despite a short period of intense desire to own a Wii, I opted for an Xbox 360. Graphically it’s superior, it has a larger library of games available and its backwards compatibility means I can consign my Xbox to the back of the cupboard.

Shopping for a decent deal on an Xbox 360 is not easy at the moment; the post-Christmas availability of these consoles, particularly in view of the desperate shortage of the Wii and Sony’s delayed PlayStation 3 launch, has meant that Microsoft’s machine is in high demand.

I searched my regular online* electronics retailers** and struggled to find a decent bundle at a price I was prepared to pay. In the end I remembered www.letsbuyit.com. Full of hope, I steered my browser in its general direction. Sadly the site was unable to process my language selection, so I’m not sure whether I could have got a cheep console or not. Here’s what greeted me (pay special attention to the CardCheck banner):


Now I’m not normally one to point out the failings of others but come on guys, how on earth did no-one spot that horrendous spelling of ‘enquiry’? “Which one?” I hear you cry. Exactly! Spelt incorrectly in two different ways in the same ad!

Oh well, made me chuckle anyway.

* Or as those folks at CardCheck would have us say, “on-line”.
** I could have saved myself so much time by shortening “online retailer” to etailer, but would have to have hated myself for ever.

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